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With me, you will find everything you need to reach your goal!

About Us

About me

I feel it is my profession to help people make exercise and healthy eating an essential part of their daily lives in a sustainable and comfortable way.


Training and exercise are a way of life for me. Go beyond short-term challenges like New Year’s resolutions or the bikini season! It is an integral part of my life that has completely transformed both my body and my mind. It’s a therapy that always bounces back in the right direction!

I will now share all this with you in my programs, along with one of the most important ingredients I deeply believe in, the Relationship between Body and Consciousness.


Keep me on this path to make exercise and a healthy lifestyle a part of your life!



Gym programs
Meal plans
Hormonal Diseases

Now that the gyms are reopening, I have personally designed this program to re-energize and reach the body you desire! Whether you’re going to the gym or moving home, but you feel like you don’t have a properly designed workout with it, look no further!

This program gives you access to the meal plans I have developed that take into account all your individual needs so you can reach your destination anywhere!

The diet fits into any workout package to make their impact even greater, but you can even buy it on its own! It teaches you what ingredients you can use to lose weight and how much to consume if you want to get the shape you want within a reasonable range!

Food supplement suggestion!

I hear from a lot of people that “I sleep in vain, I’m tired,” “I’m tense,” “I have no reason to be irritable, yet — and of course I experience the same in myself. This is stress. It is inherent in everyday life. It is very difficult to exterminate completely, but maybe if we go a little later we will happen to us and understand the processes going on in us, we will be easier to manage and we will become more aware of it.



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Budapest, 1012 Márvány utca 17

Phone: +36-70-628-1211



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